Energy is at the heart of human activity, from the most basic to the most sophisticated. It is also the real economic motor of our society. In the last century, there was a belief that our energy needs would be met by the marriage of abundant petroleum and an irrational nuclear scientism. Reality has inexorably caught up with us; finite fossil fuels have passed their peak, they are more and more expensive, and we are at last becoming conscious of the disastrous environmental effects their uncontrolled exploitation is having on our planet and ourselves.

Energy transition is thus an absolute necessity. It must be based on real sustainable resources, both clean and renewable. Wind, solar, and to a lesser extent water, are the only primary sources of clean and renewable energy. And electricity is the best vector with which these sources can be used ubiquitously. Electricity as a vector is flexible, and easily applied, but has one major inconvenience: efficient high volume storage.

Another energy vector exists that doesn’t have the inconvenience of electricity, works well in synergy with it, and has a very high energy density: hydrogen. Useable as a solid, gas or liquid it can serve as an energy store via water electrolysis and fuel cell technology. H2 is the most abundant molecule in the universe. It is present in water, hydrocarbons and other gases, and in our earths atmosphere in abundance! Today these sources are unused. Hydrogen can also be produced by specific bacteria in waste or seawater, collected as biogas from biomass decomposition, or produced by photo-catalyze etc. Hydrogen can play a decisive role in our energy transition, and is probably the most promising vector for the decades to come.

Seiya Consulting was created with the desire to assist policy and decision makers in understanding and acting on the hydrogen issue. With a core of senior experts and consultants, Seiya Consulting has developed a pan European network of specialists in hydrogen energy and fuel cell applications. Seiya Consulting offers hydrogen sector strategy and finance model advice, technology and economic updates and innovation research.

Building a strategy for the intellectual beauty of the exercise is useless. The end result is what matters, this is why we want to help you across all the process

A sustainable energy future.

Seiya Consulting experts can assist you in all the dimensions of hydrogen energy projects: strategy, operational marketing and communications, business development, business modeling, operational project assistance, market intelligence and trainings.



Strategies without action plans remain just words. Who are you? Whats is your vision? How will you make things happen?

Everything starts here

Define the Vision, define the Mission, define the Objectives, make the Strategic Plan to achieve the Objectives, implement the Tactics of the Strategy into a comprehensive Action Plan, and deliver. Think, then make things happen, evaluate, re-start thinking.

Concrete Projects

You've got your plans ready, it's time to implement. Although, as with all types of innovations, you might need some help...

Innovative Projects Require Expertise

You know your Core Business, you know your Strengths, you know your Limits: you don’t know everything. Get the additional Expertise, Assistance and Support you need from the right experts . Seiya Consulting is here to help.


The Engine of Innovation, Competitiveness, and ultimately Success is the Information. Make sure you get the right information at the right moment, disseminate inside the company and train your workforce. Seiya Consulting can do that for you.

Information without analysis is of little value

Seiya Consulting builds up its own knowledge with dedicated and structured tools (Seiya IntelliMarket©, Seiya NewsBox©,  www.hydrogentoday.info). Seiya makes these tools available to its customers.
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Meet With The Managing Crew : Internal Team

Bertrand Chauvet
Bertrand ChauvetPresident
More than 30 years of experience in innovative markets, as a successful entrepreneur or manager and executive within leading international companies (Dialogic Corp, Intel EMEA, NetCentrex). Since 2008, senior consultant in the field of renewable energy. Co-foounder and President of Seiya. Founder of Hyvolution and Hydrogen Today.
Strategy, Marketing & Communication
Hydrogen Ecosystem & Technologies
Thomas Vermeersch
Thomas VermeerschCOO
Thomas Vermeersch graduated as a polytechnic engineer and started his career in the French Air Force as a fighter pilot (Mirage 2000D) before joining the Directorate General of Armaments (DGA) as an experimental test pilot. He then took over the marketing and sales management of a Toulouse-based SME in the defence sector, before becoming a consultant in strategy, marketing and finance for several European SMEs and start-ups. He notably assisted the hybrid electric-hydrogen aircraft project of ‘Avions Mauboussin’ in Belfort, before joining Seiya in 2022.
Strategy, Engineering, Project management
Strategy, M&A, Operations, Change Mgt, Project Mgt
Kevin Meskens
Kevin MeskensDirector
Kevin graduated from Sciences-Po Paris and, ever since, he has been accompanying large companies and administrations in their transformations as a consultant in strategy, organization and management for more than 7 years. At Eurogroup Consulting, he specialized in the energy and industry sectors, on prospective studies, organizational transformation and project management. He now holds the position of project manager at Seiya Consulting.
Strategy, M&A, Operations, Change Mgt, Project Mgt
Sectors : energy, public administration, industry, transport
Léopold Thomas
Léopold ThomasConsultant
As a young electromechanical engineer with a degree from Arts et Métiers de Bruxelles (ECAM), he decided to complement his technical skills with management skills by joining the specialised master’s programme in Aerospace Project Management at ISAE-SUPAERO. With a wealth of experience in the aeronautical industry (Sabena Aerospace & SONACA), it is finally hydrogen that has bitten him with passion.
Strategy, project support, techno-economic studies
Hydrogen technologies & ecosystems
Sophie Collong
Sophie Collong H2 Safety systems Expert
Sophie Collong is a PhD graduate in engineering sciences on the design of complex mechanical systems with dynamic behaviour and a H2 expert on the safety of hydrogen systems.
CHEREAU, HYBARGE, H2X or CATHYy0PE are hydrogen driving projects on which Sophie Collong brings her expertise to help with the certification of hydrogen systems and the approval of applications.
Certification of hydrogen systems
Hydrogen Expertise
Ugo Voisin
Ugo VoisinConsultant Manager
Carpenter, engineer and amateur pilot, Ugo Voisin has a versatile profile. He has mainly worked on large infrastructure projects (motorway, metro, stadium, uranium extraction process) as a works engineer and then as a project manager, first in Africa (Niger, Madagascar, South Sudan) and in the Middle East (Qatar). After a period at Supaero in the master’s programme specialising in Aerospace Project Management, he joins Seiya Consulting in 2021 as Consultant Manager to devote his time and energy to the deployment of hydrogen solutions.
Project Management
Hydrogen Ecosystem & Technologies
Virginie AlvèsHR & Office manager
« Want to join a dynamic & fun team to work in an exciting and purposeful environment ? Feel free to contact me ! »

Partner Consultants

Raphaël Schoentgen
Raphaël SchoentgenSenior Consultant
Raphaël Schoentgen is a private entrepreneur and investor whose passions and expertise are technologies, energy, climate change, international business and international policy.
In 2018 he created Hydrogen Advisors, a consultancy firm active both in the private sector – energy / transport / industry / investors – as well as in the public sector – international bodies / national governments / cities councils / financial bodies. End 2019 he co-founded Hydrogen Capital Partners to provide growth capital to companies in the hydrogen economy.
Hydrogen Ecosystem & Technologies
Entrepreneur & Investor
Jean-Paul Reich
Jean-Paul ReichSenior Consultant
Former vice-president (2017-2019) of the French Association for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells (AFHYPAC) from 2017 to 2019 and scientific director within the ENGIE group for many years. Today, Jean-Paul Reich is a consultant and lecturer in the fields of energy, renewable energies, energy transition and, in particular, hydrogen.
Renewable Energies
Energy Transition
Philippe Lauret
Philippe LauretCo-founder and President Enooia
Philippe Lauret has held operational management and then executive positions within the Egis Group, the leading French engineering company active in the energy, development, transport, water and environment sectors.
As a member of the Group Management Committee, he participates in the development of the Egis Group’s strategy.
He also plays an active role in several professional associations and in the Industry office of Syntec Ingénierie.
Renewable Energies Expertise
Ecosystem & Technologies
Jean Le Cocguic
Jean Le CocguicCo-founder and director Enooia
Jean Le Cocguic combines 26 years of experience in strategy and project management in local, national and international environments, with management positions in the public and private sphere, particularly in local authorities.
He is notably a negotiator and spokesperson for France in international economic and trade forums, and a legal and financial advisor to international organisations in the field of energy and sustainable transport projects.
Strategy , Project Management
International Economic

Creative Ideas, Strong Expertise & Deep Experience.

Seiya Consulting gathers together a solid team of Senior Consultants with deep knowledge and experience in the fields of energy, automotive, research, innovation, with a proven track record of successful ventures and projects.

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Hydrogen Energy and its Fuel Cell Applications take roots in the 19th Century. A long and complex story connecting industry and energy revolutions in history. Although… It’s just the beginning. You need the accumulated knowledge and the emerging one. We have that.

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It’s not enough to be knowledgeable. Every breakthrough in history has been done against knowledgeable and commendable experts… who lacked intuition. Knowledge and intuition… You need both, and we claim we have both.

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We Are Determined

As many others, we felt in the hydrogen field somehow by chance. We happened to become recognized experts by passion and a sense of emergency: our planet is burning. We came to the absolute conviction that hydrogen is part of the solution. Hence, we’re determined.

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