Seiya Engineering

Seiya Engineering

A core business: system safety analysis and hydrogen risk assessment

Seiya Engineering supports players in the sector in terms of operational safety and hydrogen risk analysis. It has thus been able to contribute to the approval or certification of a large number of land, rail, river and maritime mobility projects. Seiya Engineering also has considerable expertise in stationary applications and H2 infrastructures.

Design and management of innovation programmes

Hydrogen energy and hydrogen fuel cell applications represent a vast and dynamic field of innovation. Seiya's senior consultants have extensive experience of innovation markets and disruptive technologies, as well as highly specialised experience in hydrogen technologies. They help start-ups and manufacturers alike to design and implement innovation programmes.

Technical expertise and contracting authority support

When it comes to deployment, our customers' projects require external expertise and operational support for planning, qualification of technologies and suppliers, public consultation and purchasing processes, project monitoring and planning of subsequent development phases. Seiya also assists numerous players in the sector with analysis of the operational safety of hydrogen systems, and risk analysis to support approval and regulatory files.

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