Information is at the heart of our business. Since it’s inception, Seiya Consulting structured it’s organisation and tools to collect, analyse, and use information. This is all about knowledge management that feeds the expertise. what we do for ourselves, we offer it for our customers. Seiya IntelliMarket is at the heart of our work and we make it available to our customers.

The right information at the right time is the key to success.

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Seiya Consulting has a comprehensive set of tools and methodologies to develop various types of studies, helping you make the right decisions: market, ecosystems, industrial sectors, strategic positioning, project development, business modeling, prospective modeling.

Need more information on a topic to make a decision? Seiya consulting can provide it to you. Our knowledge, expertise, and tools can help you make the right choice. Seiya Modeller, our simulation tool that took us years to develop, can give you exactly the right insight of your project and clear vision of the future.

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Need a hand on the development of a hydrogen project? Seiya Consulting is there for you. Our experts in multiple fields can help you in any of your projects. Our consultants are well connected, well informed, and well trained to help you make your project a success.

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The Hydrogen sector is expected to create 100 000 jobs in France alone by 2030, according to France Hydrogène. To help you meet the qualified resources demand of such market growth, Seiya Consulting can provide just the right training and education for you. Seiya’s hydrogen experts are qualified in a wide variety of fields (strategy, technology, safety, …), and can cover all hydrogen topics to meet your needs.

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare it today.

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Methodology, Tools, Knowledge. To validate Intuition.

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Analyse & understand the Customer Case. Set the Objectives. Define & Plan the Tasks. Present & Disseminate the results.


Dedicated proprietary Tools have been developed to Structure, Model, Evaluate and Communicate the Key Findings.


Structured information, data collection and analysis lead to useful and efficient Knowledge.

Unique Tools For Maximum Efficiency

The online database of hydrogen resources, articles, news and documents

A weekly information service, the most important informations and analysis for your business

Manage you sales pipe with efficient tools that focuses on qualitative and quantitative information to make forecasts more accurate

Sophisticated business modeling of real life business strategy, month to month over years.

We’re committed to help building a better world

Through Creative Ideas, Strong Expertise & Deep Experience

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