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Competitive intelligence, modelling tools, lectures, training

The right information, at the right time, is the key to the decision-making process and to competitiveness. Prospective analysis, knowledge spread and training are essential ingredients for successful projects. Seiya Consulting offers structured business and technical intelligence tools, proprietary modelling tools, organises conferences recognised throughout Europe, and offers comprehensive training courses for all levels of technical expertise required.

Modelling tools

Prospective H2, EcosHys, Seiya Modeler, IntelliMarket and SafetHy are proprietary tools and unique methodologies that Seiya has been developing for over 10 years, to use in Strategy Consulting and Engineering assignments, to give its customers a holistic understanding of the issues, addressable markets, economic models and the design of robust, reliable systems and ecosystems.

Competitive intelligence and training

Seiya is also the creator and publisher of, the online news media dedicated to hydrogen news, the inventor and host of the Hyvolution trade show back in 2013, taken over by GL Events in 2016, and a conduit for technical and economic knowledge through its comprehensive range of training courses. In other words, Seiya is at the heart of hydrogen knowledge and expertise, helping public and professional customers to understand the richness and complexity of the hydrogen subject.

Modelling Tools

Prospective H2 TM

Modelling of hydrogen uses deployment scenarios (industry, mobility, stationary) for 2030, 2040, 2050 on a national scale and up to a local authority level.

EcosHys TM

Simulation of hydrogen ecosystems, using a list of parameters to adjust the price of H2, the evolution of the TCO of a fleet of vehicles, the carbon impact, the calculation of public subsidies, etc.

Seiya Modeler TM

H2 infrastructure and uses deployment strategy testing: defining the offer, defining the CAPEX and OPEX for services and infrastructure, calculating the monthly ramp-up, 20-year profit and loss account, financing plan, financial indicators, etc.

Seiya ingénierie
IntelliMarket TM

Hydrogen database, including major studies, press releases and articles; the tool features a powerful search engine to extract relevant information quickly.

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